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      • Arbutus Elementary
      • Arbutus Middle
      • Baltimore Highlands Elementary
      • Battle Grove Elementary
      • Battle Monument
      • Bear Creek Elementary
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      • Berkshire Elementary
      • Campfield Early Learning Center
      • Carney Elementary
      • Carroll Manor Elementary
      • Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies
      • Catonsville Elementary School
      • Catonsville High
      • Catonsville Middle School
      • Cedarmere Elementary
      • Chadwick Elementary
      • Chapel Hill Elementary
      • Charlesmont Elementary
      • Chase Elementary
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      • Cockeysville Middle
      • Colgate Elementary
      • Cromwell Valley Elementary Regional Magnet
      • Crossroads Center
      • Deep Creek Elementary
      • Deep Creek Middle
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      • Deer Park Middle Magnet
      • Dogwood Elementary
      • Dulaney High School
      • Dumbarton Middle
      • Dundalk Elementary School
      • Dundalk High
      • Dundalk Middle School
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      • Edgemere Elementary
      • Edmondson Heights Elementary
      • eLearning
      • Elmwood Elementary
      • Essex Elementary
      • Featherbed Lane Elementary
      • Fifth District Elementary
      • Fort Garrison Elementary
      • Franklin Elementary
      • Franklin High
      • Franklin Middle
      • Fullerton Elementary
      • General John Stricker Middle
      • George Washington Carver Center for Arts and Technology
      • Glenmar Elementary
      • Glyndon Elementary
      • Golden Ring Middle School
      • Grange Elementary
      • Gunpowder Elementary
      • Halethorpe Elementary
      • Halstead Academy
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      • Harford Hills Elementary
      • Hawthorne Elementary
      • Hebbville Elementary
      • Hereford High
      • Hereford Middle
      • Hernwood Elementary
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      • Honeygo Elementary School
      • Jacksonville Elementary
      • Johnnycake Elementary School
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      • Kenwood High
      • Kingsville Elementary
      • Lansdowne Elementary
      • Lansdowne High
      • Lansdowne Middle
      • Loch Raven High School
      • Loch Raven Technical Academy
      • Logan Elementary
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      • Lyons Mill Elementary School
      • Maiden Choice School
      • Mars Estates Elementary
      • Martin Boulevard Elementary School
      • Mays Chapel Elementary School
      • McCormick Elementary
      • Meadowood Education Center
      • Middle River Middle School
      • Middleborough Elementary
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      • New Town Elementary
      • New Town High School
      • Northwest Academy of Health Sciences
      • Norwood Elementary
      • Oakleigh Elementary
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      • Orems Elementary
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      • Owings Mills Elementary
      • Owings Mills High School
      • Padonia International Elementary
      • Parkville High
      • Parkville Middle
      • Patapsco High School and Center for the Arts
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      • Perry Hall High
      • Perry Hall Middle
      • Pikesville High
      • Pikesville Middle
      • Pine Grove
      • Pine Grove Elementary
      • Pinewood Elementary
      • Pleasant Plains Elementary
      • Pot Spring Elementary School
      • Powhatan Elementary
      • Prettyboy Elementary
      • Randallstown Elementary
      • Randallstown High
      • Red House Run Elementary
      • Reisterstown Elementary
      • Relay Elementary
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      • Ridge Ruxton School
      • Ridgely Middle
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      • Rosedale Center Middle/High
      • Sandalwood Elementary
      • Sandy Plains Elementary
      • Scotts Branch Elementary
      • Seneca Elementary
      • Seven Oaks Elementary
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      • Shady Spring Elementary
      • Sollers Point Technical High School
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      • Sparks Elementary
      • Sparrows Point High
      • Sparrows Point Middle
      • Stemmers Run Middle
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      • Sudbrook Magnet Middle
      • Summit Park Elementary
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      • Timber Grove Elementary
      • Timonium Elementary
      • Towson High
      • Victory Villa Elementary
      • Villa Cresta Elementary
      • Vincent Farm Elementary
      • Warren Elementary
      • Watershed Public Charter
      • Wellwood International School
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      • Westchester Elementary
      • Western School Of Technology
      • Westowne Elementary
      • White Oak School
      • Winand Elementary
      • Windsor Mill Middle
      • Winfield Elementary
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      • Woodholme Elementary
      • Woodlawn High
      • Woodlawn Middle
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    Welcome to the Rosedale Center, one of  Baltimore County’s three esteemed alternative education programs. The Rosedale Center provides services to students from the central, northeast and southeast sections of Baltimore County. Our goal is to provide students with alternative approaches to education through specialized education, small learning environments, and student support services. Students meet academic standards set by the Core Curriculum, while being personally enriched and encouraged by our dedicated faculty. Upon completion of the Rosedale program, students return to their comprehensive schools, ready to learn and be successful.


    Community Update 6/2/2023: School Based Community Letter 6.2.20.pdf

    Pandemic Electronic Benefit Transfer FAQ: Pandemic FAQ.pdf

    Update to the continuity of learning plan:Principal Message 4.27.20.pdf

    Grading and Reporting Guidelines as of 4/3/2023: GR_Families_4-2-2023.pdf

    Teachers are expected to post two lessons by Monday 10 am. Students work through the material on their own and work is due on Friday by 11:59 pm. Students can contact teachers during office hours for assistance or to have questions answered. Students should be present for the virtual class meeting times on Google Meet.

    Directions for students to log into Google and Google Meet: LoggingOnGoogleMeet.pdf

    Technology Support for Parents and Students: Parent and Student Tech Support Communication.pdf

    Locations for BCPS meal options. Students may pick up breakfast, lunch, and dinner at these sites: http://www.bcps.org/system/coronavirus/ 


    • Link for Free Meal Sites Across Maryland and COMIDAS GRATUITAS PARA ESTUDIANTES  by The Parents’ Place of Maryland
    • Families may find a location by visiting: 小火箭添加节点
    • Resources For Baltimore County Families
    • Temporary Free Internet Essentials Access
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    Support Hotlines

    • Baltimore County DSS: 410-887-TIME
    • Baltimore County Crisis Response: 410-931-2214
    • Maryland Food Bank: 410-737-8282
    • United Way: 211  http://211md.org/
    • Crisis text line: Text the word "HOME" to 741741 for free 24-hour support
    • Maryland Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 1.800.422.0009
    • National Suicide Prevention Crisis Text Line by texting TALK to 741741
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    A more comprehensive list can be found at: 如何使用v2ray – 怎么用v2ray订阅url教程 – V2ray节点:2021-4-5 · 有了小火箭怎么使用v2ray节点? 5nm芯片加持 华为Mate40麒麟1020 滴滴司机性侵直播真相来了 Google Messages beta版迎来一个新的搜索框 v2ary节点使用的苹果小火箭在哪里下载? 中芯国际将无法继续为华为伋工芯片 V2Ray和Project V有什么不同?


    The Every Student Succeeds Act requires that each school and the system report card be made publicly accessible. The school and the system report card may be accessed by going to www.bcps.org/schools/ and selecting any school. The link to the reports are on the right hand side under Test Scores. When the 2023 report card becomes available, it can also be accessed at that location. Parents/guardians can access the same information directly from the Maryland Report Card website by going to www.mdreportcard.org and choosing either Baltimore County Public Schools for system information or searching by school name for individual school information. If you have questions regarding the Rosedale Center School Report Card, please contact an administrator. Directions on how to access the Rosedale Center Report Card are attached here: How to Access the Maryland Report Card.pdf


    No events available.


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